The Childhood Diaries of A Nervous Girl (1st October)

What did I do on the 1st of October for the past 11 years? Well, I’ll tell you.

2005 (Age 11) – Woke up. Went to town. Came back. Had tea.

2006 (Age 12) – Woke up and played on Sims. Mum and I went for a walk round a nature reserve. Mum didn’t want to take the car through any puddles, but managed to drive through every single one. There was also a lot of horse poo about.

2007 (Age 13) – Good lord, I’m fed up of beading in textiles. Got out the SAS book “Elite Forces” at the library for about the third time; I never seem to finish it. Can’t wait for the new Pokemon game to come out. I’m coping with the build up by having Poketalks with Hannah, Emma and Amber.

2008 (Age 14) – On Neopets I won 15 thousand neopoints, a water muffin and a faerie paintbrush worth 3 million nepoints. I could believe it. People kept offering to buy it. Watched ‘Austin Stevens’ and he was thrashing around with alligators and pythons like a right fool.

2009 (Age 15) – Went round to Kelly’s house and played on Guitar Hero. Managed to get myself booed off stage several times. Went to bed ridiculously early at 12.30!

2010 (Age 16) – Today my umbrella flew off its handle and smashed into the girl walking behind me. Luckily she had a sense of humour. Bought some crappy-assed chocolate bars in Poundland. Watched lots of ‘Dad’s Army’. Love that program.

2011 (Age 17) – Today I bought and watched the ‘Pianist’ because it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. Very depressing, but great movie. Also watched ‘Top Inbetweeners Moments’. Neil’s fish punch was number 1. Totally agree with that.

2012 (Age 18) – Went to the other campus for our super long lecture, and I fell asleep twice. I couldn’t talk today, mainly because of my cold. After the lunch, the gang went and had lunch together and then a wander around the library. Met my tutor, who is funny and a bit wacky.

2013 (Age 19) – Went to my actual home his evening to see my mum and she showed me her ridiculous trousers which shed loads of fluff.

2014 (Age 20) – Had my first ever driving lesson. My instructor is funny. I stalled the car about four times because the pedals are really hard to get used to. But apparently, I’m a natural on the steering wheel. Attended the Aegis welcome chat, which is an anti-genocide charity I’m going to be part of this year. Did a Star Wars drinking game in the evening.

2015 (Age 21) – Today was spent on a plane, travelling to Toronto, Canada. We weren’t too hung over from Vegas, which was a bonus. Canada is way colder than Vegas. Toronto is a very young city, with grid-like architecture, and trendy apartments, offices, bars and restaurants. Our apartment is small but clean and modern, and we also have our own balcony. We struggled to get the mattress out of the wardrobe though, as it seemed to be occupying a space smaller than itself. Had a late dinner at a pub down the road. I had gnocchi.

2016 (Age 22) – Despite going to bed at 2.15 in the morning, I still woke up at half 7. Damn body clock. Went to watch the Alvin Ailey American dance theatre, who were absolutely incredible. They dance to soul, gospel and African beats, and their dancing is really evoking.



2 thoughts on “The Childhood Diaries of A Nervous Girl (1st October)

  1. Have you kept a diary every year? If so I’m impressed I started a few but always gave up after a while. I had to giggle at the Neopets in 2008 as I used to be obsessed with that website. The paintbrushes were indeed precious.

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    1. I have kept a diary every day since I was 11 years old, and I am now almost 23 (and I don’t intend to stop). I love recording my life, and I think I will thank myself for it when I am an old lady and can read back about my strange life and laugh all over again. Neopets was just great, wasn’t it?

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