A Nervous Girl’s Guide to… My Bedroom (Pics Included)

Welcome to the messy, disorganised, sometimes shocking clutter-pit that is my bedroom. I like to think of it as a physical representation of my mind… or something like that.

Clothes Corner: I think everyone has one of these in their bedroom. For some people it’s a single stray sock. For me it appears to be half my wardrobe.

2016-08-12 21.52.22

Unmade Bed (Plus Mario Pyjamas): Says it all really. I’ve never understood why people make their beds; we’re just going to mess it up again when we climb back in that night, right?

2016-08-12 21.39.56

A Writer’s Desk: I say writer’s desk because that makes it seem like this chaos is to aid some sort of creative process, when actually I spend about 10% of my time writing, and the other 90% watching Netflix and checking my email.

2016-08-12 22.15.08

Lord of the Rings Wall: Just one of them. Even though I’m almost 23, I still have a bedroom filled with posters, most of them Tolkien related. That’s the problem with still living in your childhood bedroom as an adult.


2016-08-12 21.35.59

Books, books, books: I have lots of books. I don’t throw any out, even my Mr. Mens, resulting in overflow onto the floor.

Fantasy Art: As well as Middle-Earth, the walls are also covered with fantasy art from artists such as Josephine Wall and Arthur Rackham.

2016-08-12 21.34.38

What’s your bedroom like? How does it differ from your childhood bedroom?





5 thoughts on “A Nervous Girl’s Guide to… My Bedroom (Pics Included)

  1. Your room looks coy and creative 🙂 A girl’s private space is her sanctuary in the world. I love being at home, where I can access the world more intimately, in a way, by being on my own quiet terms with a sacred space of belonging. Thumbs up to the Lord of the Rings posters, by the way. Those were a central feature of my childhood bedroom (I was 11 years old when the first movie came out in 2001 and those movies had a hand in saving my life). Now I share a room with my partner in the house we live in together, so I don’t have my “own” room per say, but surprisingly I don’t necessarily miss it. I feel comfortable enough in the life we have together to not need a room all to my own most of the time, and when I do he can be away at work! Now our space is decorated with more real-life themes than when we were kids, but there’s a sparkle of magic still.

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    1. Aha, thank you! I’m glad you like my room. One day I will hopefully grow up and have more sensible decorations; but I hope not to lose that ‘sparkle of magic’. Hopefully my future partner will be understanding on my Lord of the Rings obsessions XD

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