A Nervous Girl and “The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award”.

Another award! I know these award thingys are not everyone’s cup of tea (including my nominees, possibly, but that’s fine) but I personally really enjoy doing them, probably because it a) boosts my confidence, and b) like everyone, I not-so-secretly enjoy talking about myself. I want to thank SunkenThought, for her very sweetly-phrased nomination and all the praise and encouragement she has given me. I recently discovered this lady’s blog; she is an endlessly creative blogger, and I have been immensely enjoying her daily thoughts on a variety of both serious and silly subjects.

The “Black Cat, Blue Sea Award” is, according to the interweb, an award for bloggers who strive to write for everybody and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on a reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserves it and it doesn’t mean that they have hundreds of followers and likes.

Now we know what it’s all about, what are the rules?

1) Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers.

2) Anybody nominated answers any three questions, and also creates another three questions for their nominees. (You don’t have to answer any really personal questions that your nominator might ask in order to earn the blog).

So, the questions that SunkenThought has posed to me, are;

1) What are you favourite 3 blogs and what makes them so uniquely special to you?

Favourite blogs are very hard to choose, but if I was stuck on a desert island with only three blogs to read, I would probably choose the following three;

The Well-Informed NamerI love names and used to spend rainy days in my childhood finding out all I could about the origins of both first and last names, so that this blog exists is very exciting to me!

The Shropshire Hills – An incredible photography blog. I always look forward to this photographer’s updates; their mystical, Pagan-esque photographs take me to another realm.

Halfbananas – My third favourite blog; this guy is an incredible writer, dealing with any subject he writes about, no matter how quirky, in a thoughtful, eloquent and highly comedic manner.

2) What are three things you’ve learned during your time blogging that you never knew before?

That people are prepared to read about any subject whatsoever, as long as it’s written in a skilled and engaging way. I really love this about blogging. I have some very esoteric interests, so I like it when people share their bizarre interests as well.

I’ve also learnt just how personal blogs can be, and just how much detail people are prepared to share online; I think this is an amazing thing, and a hugely therapeutic practice if you’re brave enough to do it. Saying that, I probably share quite a bit more than I intended to at the beginning, but I enjoy allowing people into my mind (as an observer; not as a 1984-style mind controller or something).

3) Do you have 3 favourite movies? If so, what are they and what makes them so amazing?

Number One: My number one favourite movie is “Lord of the Rings”. Like the book, I’m counting all three instalments as one piece of work, and as one movie. I must sound like a total nerd, but I love Lord of the Rings because it inspires me. It’s the most beautiful, well-crafted and emotional movie I’ve ever seen. For 11 and a half hours (I have the extended versions, naturally) I can get completely lost, and come away feeling like I can achieve anything.

Number Two: “Fiddler On The Roof”. I love musicals, and Fiddler is definitely my favourite. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m obsessed with Jewish people and culture, and this film not only deals with that subject, but also has brilliant songs and a strong emotional core. I never tire of watching this film.

Number Three: “The Green Mile”. Stephen King has always been a master of creating unique stories, so any movie based on one of his books is bound to be incredible. Green Mile has everything; an interesting plot, supernatural elements, comedy, drama, along with being incredibly atmospheric.

Now, I come onto the next portion of the blog; the nominees. I won’t be nominating anyone that I nominated for the Leibster, by the way. I completely understand if awards are not your sort of thing, so please don’t feel pressured to accept and take part. Just quietly store the compliment away for if you ever have a rough day.

Weird Weekends– Crafts, travel, gardening… this blogger blogs about whatever they want, and seems to make it interesting/quirky nonetheless, which takes skill.

If Destroyed Still True– This girl has been incredibly brave and is slowly uploading her teenage diaries online; a very bold move indeed, but an admirable one.

CoolBeans4 – A well-written, entertaining blog that writes humorously about TV, film, internet, amongst a variety of other things.

And here are my three questions posed to you;

1) If you could do-over your life again and be good at anything and do anything, what hobby/skill/job would you master?

2) What is a trait you find so annoying that you would ban it?

3) What is your favourite book, and why?

Thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “A Nervous Girl and “The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award”.

  1. The whole idea behind blogging, I think, has something to do with the idea that you can freely put your thoughts out there about your passions, your woes, and so much more which is why people tend to be more personal than they intend to. I know I’ve been much more personal than originally intended but it helps me clear my head so I enjoy it. I am very glad you accepted the award, after having read your blog over a few days I knew you were definitely deserving. I too love Lord of the Rings and The Green Mile. I used to actually own the books, I loved it so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I can definitely see why people find blogging therapeutic. The more I get to know members of the blogging community, the more I enjoy writing/reading about the personal elements. Thanks once again for nominating me; I had fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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