A Nervous Girl’s Guide to… Quirky Berlin

During my recent trip to Berlin, I saw a rooster with an over-sized penis and a floor made entirely of screaming faces (photos included). In short, Berlin was an interesting, unique city, filled with culture, quirks and history. It’s not the prettiest city in the world, nor is it a place to have a fly-and-flop holiday. But it’s certainly full to bursting with interesting and unusual sights, not to mention a sh*t-ton of museums which kept my mother and I very happy.

During this blog, I will talk about a few things that were a tad, erm, bizarre and/or interesting  that I saw/experienced in Berlin.

(P.s. I’ve never inserted photographs into my blogs before, so not sure if there’s a special technique to it. Forgive me, then, if it ends up looking like a child’s scrap-book).

1) Unusual Greek Art: Berlin was bursting with museums, and the Altes Museum was filled with one of my favourite things; classical art and sculpture. What I love about the Ancient Greeks (except for everything they’ve done for human advancement and civilization) is that no subject was too taboo to depict on their artwork. However, I did think some of the artwork could have left more to the imagination e.g. a rooster with a massive member, and someone urinating (just what you want to see on a plate when you’re eating dinner). I will post these photos below. There was also a plate depicting a guy throwing up, but that photo came out blurry. Probably for the best.

2) The World’s Biggest Ice-Cream (That Simultaneously Looked Like Spaghetti):

2016-06-16 13.17.46

Do I really need to say much more about this? It is what it is; a mountain of pasta-shaped ice-cream. And it was glorious.

3) A Sea of Screaming Faces: My personal highlight of the entire holiday was our visit to the Jewish Museum. Call me esoteric, but I’ve always had a fascination with the Jewish people and their history, so this was a must-visit for me. And the Jewish Museum of Berlin wasn’t a fusty old museum that smelt like a library. The architecture alone was exceptional, designed to look like a shattered Star of David, and along with the extensive and interactive exhibits, there were also a few art installations to make you think. These included ‘Holocaust Tower’ and the ‘Garden of Exile’ (this is starting to sound like the world’s worst theme park, right?). But the most harrowing art installation was a sea of metallic faces that visitors were invited to walk across. As you did so, the metal screeched and wailed below you, presumably to evoke the sound of screams. I’m rarely a serious person, but I can honestly and somberly say that my visit to the Jewish Museum was a touching experience that I’ll never forget.

2016-06-18 14.00.46

4) The Berlin Wall: For a self-declared history nerd, I’m ashamed to say that I knew nothing about the Berlin Wall before my visit to Germany. Three wall-related museums later, and I now consider myself thoroughly educated. And horrified, especially knowing that it took until 1989 for the Wall to fall and for the freedom of East Germans to be granted. One of the most interesting wall-related things I did was East Side Gallery. This is a stretch of wall that has still remained standing, the whole length of which has been decorated by murals and street art. An open-air art gallery if there ever was one.

5) The Holocaust Memorial: I don’t think I need to say much about this photo. It speaks for itself. The memorial isn’t anything fancy. But it doesn’t need to be; it’s a stark, solid and permanent reminder of the tragedy.

2016-06-17 10.17.45



3 thoughts on “A Nervous Girl’s Guide to… Quirky Berlin

  1. It sounds like you had an amazing adventure, and I agree, not much to be said about something so delicious. Berlin sounds like a place I’d like to visit one day, if anything, just for all the museums you mentioned and shared photos of. Loved reading about your trip.

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