The Childhood Diaries of A Nervous Girl (9th June)

Here is another dose of my childhood diaries; 9th of June from age 11 to age 22. These entries feature a wood-related tragedy, excessive chutney-making and a triumphant plane announcement.

2005 (Age 11) – Woke up. Went to school. Had tea. My Mum is planning her training.

2006 (Age 12) – Woke up. Went to school. Did fruit tasting in cookery. Was the start of the World Cup today. Had McDonalds.

2007 (Age 13) – Me and Mum went into town. Mum bought some clothes pegs, incense sticks, washing-up gloves, face cream and printed off some photos. We then had lunch in Waterstones and Mum saw a friend she hasn’t seen in 7 years, called Beth. We visited Gran and Grandpa and showed them our photos.  Ade came over and Mum gave him the wooden salad servers we bought him from Rhodes. Received a letter from school saying that I’ve been nominated for an award for Achievers Evening.

2008 (Age 14) – In Technology, the knot in my wood fell out. Ate sorbet. Mmm.

2009 (Age 15) – Emma and I had a fun time in Science, wiring a plug *sarcasm*. While everyone else was busy fitting the wires, we were still trying to get the screws undone. My Mum likes Green Day’s new album.

2010 (Age 16) – Today I slept in until 11.50 am; whoa! Entered a short story for a competition, under the theme of ‘Copy’.

2011 (Age 17) – Went to Grandma and Grandads. Tom was there, revising for his exam. Made chutney with Grandma and filled about 12 jars. Ate so much good stuff today e.g. Bombay Mix. On Google, the icon is a guitar; people have worked out how to play movie theme songs on it e.g. Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean

2012 (Age 18) – Got a bloody cold. But it’s not too bad at the moment. The Echinacea is probably helping.

2013 (Age 19) – Worked today.

2014 (Age 20)- Today was an early start of 3.30 am to get to the airport on time, because our flight was at 6.30 am. At the end of the flight, a fanfare sound blared out which we thought was somewhat silly, like the plane was saying “Congratulations, you’re still alive.” Hazel and Julia were loving the Irish accents. We couldn’t check into our hostel right away, so we walked around Dublin, as it was our designated ‘wandering day.’  I tried to subtly steer people in the direction of things I wanted to see. Dublin has a lot of bridges and colourful pubs, especially in the Temple Bar area. We had lunch at Stephen’s Green park. Me, Julia and Rich wanted to see the library at Trinity College, so we split off. The library was gorgeous! We finally got into our hostel room (via the Famine Statue, which was quite harrowing), and the room isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Hazel had a romantic idea for us all to sit near the dock and eat some fish and chips. We walked for ages towards the sea, but they weren’t the right sort of docks at all; all industrial and grotty. So we ventured into the city centre for somewhere to eat, but we couldn’t agree on anything. We decided to walk back to the hostel in defeat, but stumbled on a fish and chip shop. I had a gourmet fish burger and it was amazing. There were photos of docks on the wall, so it was close enough.

2015 (Age 21) – THE PAGE IS MISSING!

2016 (Age 22) – Worked on the telephone helplines today. Then I had a spontaneous walk through the countryside (avoiding dogs and the cow field, and making sure to salute any lone magpies).


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