The Childhood Diaries of A Nervous Girl…2nd of May

Time to delve into the childhood diaries again, for another installment of ‘On This Day.’ What did I get up to on the 2nd May for the past 11 years? Not much, probably.


2005 (Age 11)- Woke up. Bank Holiday. Went to ASDA. Had lunch in the garden. Went to East Bridgford. Came home. Watched ‘Octopussy’.

2006 (Age 12)- Woke up. Went to school. Did my abstract piece of art. Had tea. Watched ‘Seaside Rescue’ and ‘Supervets.’

2007 (Age 13) – Woke up.  Went to school. Did a test in French. Our I.T. teacher is strange. He was yelling at us for not telling us what we’d done (he didn’t ask) and then gave us free time on the internet. Went over to Lucy’s. We did Percy Martin’s family tree for History, and looked at pictures of old Victorians.

2008 (Age 14) – Watched a reconstruction documentary about Howard Carter. Lucy, Kelly, Maddy and me did Lucy’s paper round before going round to Kelly’s house for her sleepover, but no doubt only 5% of it will be actual sleeping. Played Mariokart. Lucy left. Me and Maddy did silly poses to fuel Kelly’s obsession with taking pictures. Watched ‘Will it Blend?’ videos on YouTube, and created a quiz on Bebo.

2009 (Age 15)- Went into town. Bought a book called ‘Gone’ and another Green Day CD. Mum did gardening.

2010 (Age 16) – Found out that another ‘Fighting Fantasy’ book has been released. In my bedroom, I’ve taken down the framed Peter Pan paintings I’ve had for years, and replaced them with band posters and a load of Lord of the Rings mini-posters that came with the soundtrack. I’m now a total LOTR obsessive. I’ve got the books, films, complete soundtrack, and tons of posters.

2011 (Age 17) – Gran and Grandpa took us out for a meal. I had fishcake, followed by mackerel in zingy lemon sauce, and finished by a chocolate syllabub. Grandpa still can’t pronounce J2O correctly. Grandpa then took us down the fishing lakes where he spends half his life. We were made to admire the lodge (wooden, lodge-shaped) and the highlight of excitement was spotting a dead fish in the river.

2012 (Age 18) – Went out for Faye’s birthday after college. We were going to go to the cinema but we left it too late. We went for a drink. I had a WKD. We then went to Nandos where I exercised my right as a selective vegetarian by having the piri-piri chicken. Was very nice. Faye was making us sing Happy Birthday at the top of our voice in the restaurant.

2013 (Age 19) – Me, Elliot, Seann, Julia, Emma and Emma’s bf Rich were sat outside on the hill facing the lake, having a lie down in the sun, looking at the cloud formations, and Julia and Seann were laughing at me. Went to see Iron Man 3. I ate a packet of Minstrels.

2014 (Age 20) – Faye’s birthday, and met up with her and her friends in Zizzi’s. The waitress snuck us free Limoncello shots. Had pizza and ice cream. Afterwards we went to Revs and had a dance and watched all the sozzled middle-aged people dance around.

2015 (Age 21) – Had a salmon lecture. It featured salmon lakes and a person blessing a salmon. Watched a scary documentary called ‘Jesus Camp.’ These kids went f*cking nuts, speaking in tongues and sh*t.

2016 (Age 22) – Watched ‘Game of Thrones,’ which made me jump out of my skin. Mum and I are trying to plan our holiday to Berlin. In Berlin, there’s a place called ‘Museum Island.’ We joked that we should move there.


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